Save Time, Stay Engaged

HNconnect Journeys are a series of automated marketing emails delivered on your behalf to your leads, customers, Preferred Members and downline to keep them engaged through personalized follow-ups and product recommendations.

How It Works

As long as your contacts are identified as Customers, Distributors, or Preferred Members, HNconnect will automatically assign them to a Journey that’s tailored to them!

By using real-time data such as purchase histories, wellness goals, contact type and more, Journeys always “know” when it’s the right time to engage your contacts.

Things to Know

  • When a Journey ends, you’ll receive a notification as well as metrics like whether or not a contact made a purchase. Be sure to check these metrics to gain valuable insights that help you when it’s time to follow-up with your contact.
  • Journeys are automated the moment you sign up for HNconnect, so as long as you don’t disable automation, our Journeys will keep your contacts engaged.

Watch and Learn

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